Sunday, September 18, 2005

heyy i have no idea who even reads this blog anymore, so if you do read this post, tag!

anyway, haven't really seen each other in a while now so i was thinking an og outing would be fun and a nice way to destress after the All-Consuming Prelims. it's on the 3rd day after prelims, monday (because everyone will stone on saturday and go out with classmates on sunday =P) so keep yourself free and pleeeease make it down; it'd be great to just see faces and talk again like the innocent (?) days of yore (: so yes,

26th september,

i like to think of myself as a vairry democratic co-ruler until the day i blame the Reichstag fire on gareth and chase him out of office and become sole Fuehrerin of an Aryan J'faien MWAHAHAHA so suggestions are most welcome as to what we should do and where we should do it. so come, and if for earth-shaking reasons you can't make it, sms me at 98463762.

happy rest-of-prelims!

Sunday, February 27, 2005

ok IAN i'm posting. haha. the last entry i posted was about pw. omg we're all so old already. now it's me laughing at the j1s who're gonna have pw. HAHA. it feels good.

was out with my og just now since they're getting their results tomorrow. reminded me of last year! do you remember? how we went all the way to jurong east to eat PIZZA hahaha and then crashing renfang's house after that with 'i have never'.

haha... it's been one whole year omg! we're one year older one year wiser. not to mention our ogls are older and wiser too. al's off teaching nanyang girls (at least the last time i checked she was) and gabriel's serving the country *inspirational music* and worrying about his hair.

haha. miss you guys.

Thursday, December 30, 2004

hi darlins' i don't know if anyone reads this and this is terribly short notice i know but tomorrow! new year's eve party at my place come down if you feel like it, it'll be fun we can buy sparkling juice and pretend its champagne at midnight =P just send me an sms before 2pm tomorrow if you'd like to or can make it and i really do mean all of you grin. and bring whatever noise-makers you have :D oh and for those of you who're pondering the creepy 1am ride home, you can sleep over haha =)

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

hello my little ones =) holidays make you realise the pleasure in regularity - i find myself instinctively thinking of who i'll see at the jacozy in the morning - before realising that not only will i not see you at that jacozy today, i wont see you ever there. bleah not a pleasant thought. anyway if you can take time off your oh-so-busy schedules on the 29th december after the mass raffles transit (hurhur) let's go new-jacozy-hunting around the new campus =) and shafia i want to meet you! for um. fun =)

Sunday, October 31, 2004

move your body girL

yo.. haha. pw is pissing me off yknow. well it'll all be over by tuesday, completely completely so i'll just suck it up. two more days. i can do this! bleh i hope i don't screw up my OP.. which is highly possible.. :/

anyway we must find a new jacozy for next yearrrrr. sigh so troublesome. but we still must meet in the mornings ok. or ELSE!

bleh pw pw pw!

Friday, October 15, 2004

heh if only our actual blogposts were as frequent as the tag messages.
anyway shafia you BITCH! my papers are over tooooooooooo HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
(ok i realised how ineffective that is when everyone else's ended a long time ago).
but anyway.

Monday, October 11, 2004

Shafia, can you feel the four Arts students glaring at you? Haha...

heyy (: this place is dead again! everyone's got exam fever. hurhur.
well whatever, only 1 more paper for me! and junrong.. and some other people.
us lucky shits end on tuesday heh heh heh what about you vaish?
haha (i can just hear her going 'shaf you bitch') but i lurrrv you! haha.
anyway the italics look nice when you're typing it out hee.
ok everyone take care and shout on the shoutbox! (:
love y'all~

i haven't been this scared in a long time
and i'm so unprepared so here's your valentine
bouquet of clumsy words, a simply melody
this world's an ugly place but you're so beautiful~